rotifer (rotifers)

  1. A phylum of microscopic, pseudocoelomate animals. Most rotifers are around 0.1-0.5 mm long, and are common in freshwater throughout the world with a few saltwater species.

7 letters in word "rotifer": E F I O R R T.

No anagrams for rotifer found in this word list.

Words found within rotifer:

ef eft er erf err et fe fer fet fetor fie fir fire firer fit foe for fore forrit fort forte freit fret frier frit fro froe frore if io ire it oe of oft ofter oi or ore orf orfe ort re ref refit reft rei reif ret retro rif rife rifer rift rifte riot rioter rit rite roe rore rorie rort rot rote roti te tef terf terr ti tie tier tire tiro tirr to toe tor tore tori torr tref treif trie trier trio trior